Fundraiser for Ministries

Would you like to host a “Worship With Sign” workshop at your church or organization? Could you use a fundraiser to support your ministry?


Cost to schedule a workshop: Between $275-$350 (In WA, depending on location)

Recommended price for participants: $20

Lead time: It’s best to have at least a 6-week lead time to promote a workshop. If possible, schedule your workshop two-three months in advance.

Venue requirements: Ability to play music, enough open space for people to stand and spread out, comfortable environment, wireless microphone (for workshops with a large number of attendees)

Workshop Fundraiser Scenario: Your church decides to host a 3-hour¬†“Worship With Sign” workshop. First, connect with Krista regarding dates and exact cost. Next, promote the event to your community and members through flyers Krista will create specifically for your event, and collect registrations. If you have approximately 15 participants who sign up at $20 each, your costs will be covered, and your ministry/organization keeps the rest of the incoming registration money as the fundraiser!

  • Fabulous, inspirational¬†learning for participants!
  • Krista is excited to teach and share her heart for worshiping with sign!
  • You have a fun opportunity to invite others too, plus earn for your ministry needs!

Contact Krista today at or 360-951-6400 (Olympia, WA).